Medallion Care
Liquid Silver Plating Kit

  • Bonds Instantly and Seamlessly
  • Electro-less Home Plating
  • Pure .999 Silver
  • Most Affordable way to plate silver!

The Medallion Care Liquid Silver Plating Kit molecularly bonds 100% PURE SILVER to ALL silver and virtually any base metal(copper, brass, & nickel recommended), any other material will not be affected by the solution which means that it is safe for your jewels, stones, and even pearls! In just 4 easy steps you can Prepare, Plate, Polish, and Protect your item, leaving it with a perfectly flawless silver finish that won't chip, flake, or peel.

Medallion Care's Liquid Silver will repair silver plate, silver, and sterling silver seamlessly so that your item is protected and rejuvenated. Most cleaners and tarnish removers are abrasive and remove a layer of silver with each cleaning which is why we have specially developed our formulas to work safely and effectively on the most sensitive metals. With this amazing electroless Liquid Silver Plating Kit you will not only get the fantastic silver solution but you will also get our specially formulated polish to protect and shine your item after plating, our Tarnish Treatment to remove tarnish to ensure the item is clean before plating, and our Tarnish Defender to prevent tarnish from starting for up to 12 months! Now is the perfect time to buy this home silver plating kit to save time and money!

Included in your kit:

16 fl oz Tarnish Treatment
8 fl oz Tarnish Defender
4 fl oz Liquid Silver
4 fl oz Jewelry Polish
4 fl oz Jewelry Cleaner
1 Application Sponge
2-4 Polishing Cloths
1 Pair of Latex Gloves
Plating Instructions


Step 1: Prep!

Medallion Care Tarnish Treatment

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Step 2: Plate!

Medallion Care Liquid Silver

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Step 3: Polish!

Medallion Care Jewelry Polish

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Step 4: Protect!

Medallion Care Tarnish Defender

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